Book Return

Scholarship Textbooks

Textbooks may be returned using the UPS mailing label sent to your student email.  Attach the label to the outside of your package and drop at any UPS pickup location.  Please include your name, phone number, and type of scholarship with the books.  If you will not be returning for the fall semester, also include your current address for return process of your book deposit.  Textbooks are due back by May 22.  


Check your student email for a UPS mailing label and mail your textbook in.  Rentals are due by May 22nd.

Book Buy Back

We prefer students mail in textbooks, however you will be permitted to sell your textbooks in person with restrictions.  For your convenience a return mailing label has been sent to your student email. 

In store buy back, will be available Monday - Thursday each week, however, only a limited number of people will be allowed into the store at one time.  We have extended the buyback days to allow less congested crowds.  If you choose to come in person please remain in your automobile and call the number below to see if you may enter.  We will not allow lines outside the store and prefer students who enter wear a face mask.  Please do not bring additional people inside.  You will need your student ID and textbooks.  Cash will be dispersed for books purchased.

For mail in buy back, you will need to enclose with your texbooks a paper with your name, student ID number, Phone number, and a list of textbooks mailed, attach the return label we sent to you on the outside of package.  Remember we can not purchase access codes or lab books, so do not included them.  We will not be able to return any textbooks with $0 value to you.  Drop package at any UPS pickup location.    Your buy back funds will be processed to you the same way you chose to receive grant money: student ID card, direct deposit, or check.

If you have any questions please call 918-775-6977 ext 2212.