Book Buy Back

Students may sell their used books to the Bookstore for cash during Book Buy Back. A student ID is required for buy back, but a receipt is not. This is a service provided to students during finals week of each semester. Generally, buy back is the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of finals week for the Fall and Spring semesters, and the first day of finals week for the Summer semester, exact dates and times will vary, but will be posted in advance on campus as well as the CASC Bookstore website.

New textbooks that will be used for the following semester may be sold back for 50% of the original list price. Textbooks that were purchased at the "used" price may be sold back for 30% of the original new list price. Anything that came with the original book must be included (i.e. study guide, cd's, study cards).

Other factors that will affect the buy back price:

  • If the book has been re-adopted for the upcoming semester.
  • If a new edition has been isssued by the publisher.
  • The condition of the book (damaged bindings, water damage, excessive highlighting, or anything that keeps the book from having a resale value).
  • The current inventory the bookstore has on hand. Limited quantities of textbooks will be repurchased and quantities may be filled during the Buy Back session.

Wholesale is an additional service offered by the Bookstore. Currently Follett Book Company provides this service during the buy back session. They may purchase a book that CASC is not using, but may be at a lesser price than 50%.

It is highly recommended that student sell their textbooks at the end of each semester in which they are being used.